Community Comes Together To Give Dying Dog One Final Snow Day

A Bernese Mountain Dog was treated one final day in the snow before she peacefully passed away, and it’s all thanks to the community of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

The dog, Brooke, lived with her owner and her owner’s boyfriend (who goes by u/canadianbuilt on Reddit).

The boyfriend quickly came to be Brooke’s best friend and they did everything together for the past four years. Sadly, the sweet pup was given a devastating prognosis at the vet and her family knew they didn’t have much time left.

Photo: Pexels/mali maeder

Being the dead of summer, Brooke’s owner and u/canadianbuilt wanted to give her one final snow day but they knew she wouldn’t survive to winter. So, they hopped on the r/Calgary subreddit to see if there was any way they could get some snow.

They wrote: “Our 11.5 year old Berner has a couple days left. She loves snow, but isn’t going to make it to winter. Does anyone know of any rinks or anything that has a good pile of snow behind them so she can go lay on the snow one last time?”

The community quickly pulled together and a local business was able to provide snow for Brooke to lay in one final time.

u/canadianbuilt shared an update post, saying: “Follow up from the hunt for snow. The amazing guys at Bowness Sportsplex immediately started dumping their snow outside for us. She passed away a few hours after getting her last snow fix.”

In a comment on the follow-up post, they explained, “After we got back from laying on the snow, my girlfriend carried her out of the truck and onto the lawn on the front yard where it was nice and shady, and she loved to hang out so much. She layed there for a few hours while we said our goodbyes, and she gave us kisses, and then she went.”

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