Rescuers Save Mama Dog And Her Puppy After She Buried Him In The Dump

When the owner of a dump in South Africa noticed his dog was pregnant, he started keeping a close eye on her. But one day, she disappeared.

While she was a loyal dog, the instincts of motherhood took over, and she hid her puppy.

Photo: Sidewalk Specials/Facebook

Rachel with Sidewalk Specials shared on YouTube that the mama dog had given birth and then wedged herself under a tree and multiple logs at the dump. By the time help arrived, they were completely buried.

Sidewalk Specials shared on Facebook that time was of essence because bulldozers were en route. Rescuers were able to pull the dog’s puppy, who was around three weeks old, out of the mess, but the mama dog refused to budge. So, they started to dig.

Photo: Sidewalk Specials/Facebook

Eventually, they removed enough debris to get to the mama dog and safely pulled her out. She was hesitant at first, but she relaxed when she saw her puppy.

The owner of the dump couldn’t afford to get the mama dog spayed, so Sidewalk Specials took her with them and took care of her. After a few weeks, she was ready to return home, and she was so excited!

Photo: Sidewalk Specials/Facebook

Sidewalk Specials wrote in the video’s description, “Norman [the puppy] went to a new home, out of the dump and safe for a puppy! His Mom returned to where she’d grown up, sterilised, safe from future breeding, and reunited with the human she loves!”

They added in the video, “At the end of the day, the dog doesn’t really care if she’s in a mansion or in the dump or in a – anywhere. They just want to be with their human.”

“Both dogs win, both owners win, just in very different worlds!” they said.

Norman went through a “normal adoption process” and found a loving family to go home with.

You can see more of Norman’s story in the video below:

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