Duck Sneaks Onto Roller Coaster Going 93 MPH

Who says thrill-seeking is limited to humans?

A wild duck is going viral since making her way onto a roller coaster at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.

Photo: Flickr/Jeremy Thompson License: CC BY 2.0

Cedar Point is known for its roller coasters and thrill rides. According to the website, “Cedar Point is more than roller coasters. It’s more than thrill rides. It’s more than the mile-long sandy beach where our rich history began. Cedar Point is where moments, memories and connections are made.”

According to 21 Alive, a spokesperson for the park confirmed that the the duck snuck onto the train of the roller coaster called Millennium Force.

Photo: Flickr/Jeremy Thompson License: CC BY 2.0

Per Cedar Point’s website, that roller coaster reaches speeds of up to 93mph and lasts for two minutes! The park writes: “A looming giant amongst a park full of them, Millennium Force was designed for the purpose of proving bigger is better. What better way to ring in the new Millennium than with a brand new record-breaking coaster that would change coaster history forever.”

Photos and videos circulating online show the duck tucked behind one of the seats on the roller coaster. Check out the Reddit post below:

[cedar point] duck rode MF
byu/octoroach inrollercoasters

While 93mph is much faster than most ducks would be accustomed to moving, the bird miraculously made it off alive.

21 Alive reports that a spokesperson for the park said that once the ride came safely to a stop, a guest on the roller coaster grabbed the duck and escorted her off the ride.

As far as everyone is aware, the duck is just fine and made it off the coaster injury-free. Hopefully she enjoyed the ride of a lifetime!

You can see the duck on the roller coaster in the video below:

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