Experience the Excitement of Watching a New Life Coming Out of a Duck Shell!

Up to now, science cannot tell the origin of life.

To millions of people, it is a miracle from heaven whether the living thing is big or small.

Photo: Reddit Video/lilmammamia

However, as most of us get wrapped up in the demands and challenges of our everyday existence, there are things around us that we stop taking notice of.

Always, what we are aware of is the passing of time. How quickly the hours and days pass by.

And since we feel that we must always hurry in order to meet deadlines, in order to succeed, what we’ve stopped taking notice of is what this race costs us.

Photo: Reddit Video/lilmammamia

The quality of our life. The time to appreciate our surroundings. Time to truly bond with our family and friends. Time to look at what’s beautiful and phenomenal even in the simplest objects and the smallest living things.

Watching this video of a baby duckling exerting efforts to come into the world brings back relaxation to your mind, refreshment to your body, and rejuvenation to your spirit.

Because up to now no one can explain this miracle.

How life first started. Where our breath came from. Where all the energy come from as living things develop and mature.

Photo: Reddit Video/lilmammamia

When the cycle of life began, and why we have been given this miracle — humans, animals, plants, and protists.

Maybe if we’ll really take the time to think about the miracle of life, we will become more appreciative, wiser, happier, and more courageous to live according to good core values and not according to what society expects.

Just having been born into this world, this baby duckling appears vulnerable . . . and yet something inside tells you Someone very powerful is watching over it. Over all of us. So, what are we afraid of?

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