This Duck Was Being Chased by Geese and Got Rescued by Her Future Human Best Friend

Animals and humans build friendships in the most unexpected ways. Sometimes it may surprise you that the animal you just rescued can instantly build a connection with you. Both of you know that you’ll be the best of friends for a long time. Even though you don’t speak each other’s languages, you can still express your feelings through actions. They are already a part of your daily routine — it’s like you have been with them longer than you actually have.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

MJ experienced an incredible connection with a duck she randomly met and decided to adopt. The first time she saw Fergie was in a park, and she noticed it was domesticated. If she hadn’t adopted her, the duck wouldn’t be able to survive, especially when geese were running after her. Since Fergie was used to interacting with humans, MJ didn’t have a hard time approaching her — she then took the duck in her car and brought her home.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Fergie has loved having conversations with MJ since their first meeting. She immediately became MJ’s little sidekick. “She would lay down by my feet while I did work on my computer. She liked to sit on my lap,” MJ explained. Moreover, it wasn’t only MJ who was attached to Fergie; her son was also the duck’s favorite little human. Although Fergie shares a beautiful bond with the family, MJ has to let the duck be a duck, especially when she notices signs of an identity crisis.

“I loved it when she was enamored with our dog, I thought it was so cute, she would go on and climb on him. But it also wasn’t natural,” MJ explained. “She kind of went through this identity crisis. Am I a dog? Am I a human?” Since then, Fergie would spend time with two rescue feathered friends from their orchard: Puddles and Gompers.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

The two additions to the family would be a lot of help for Fergie to finally have other friends. She loves her companion, who helped her overcome the identity crisis. Fergie is a loving duck and quickly adapts to things. MJ even mentioned that Fergie would sometimes leave Puddles and Gompers alone to spend some time as a couple. She’s one independent female who doesn’t mind being alone and is considerate of others.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“Ducks have this emotional intelligence, and I wish that was something that more people realized about ducks,” MJ shared. “But I firmly believe that it’s in her best interest to be a duck and have a flock and do her duck things and not hang out with me.” It was an incredible gesture to let someone you love be free to find themselves.

Best friends really do that kind of thing, and even though they spend less time together, MJ and Fergie will always have that connection. No one can take that lovely bond away from them; you can witness that in the video below. You can also follow their Instagram account to learn more about the friendly and beautiful Fergie with all her friends in the family orchard.

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