This Duck Knows Exactly What Buttons to Push to Annoy His Dog Friends

Living with animals will certainly make your home livelier than ever. You get to seeing different personalities shown by various species. You’ll never run out of reasons to laugh or be happy, and sometimes you’ll get annoyed. Animals do not just have one personality — they can be stubborn, grumpy, playful, shy, and mischievous. Although they can’t speak, their actions will make you think that they deliberately do things to irritate someone.

Photo: Instagram/animalsdoingthings

A duck from New Zealand gained the attention of many people because of his overly playful personality. This feathered friend lives up to his title — Dennis, the menace duck. On a lovely farm where he lives, Dennis gets to interact with other animals since he is free to roam around. The duck collects friends and gets to play with them, and he spends most of his time with the dogs. However friendly he is, Dennis is a walking menace — he is an expert in annoying his friends.

Even though the dogs are larger than him, Dennis knows how to provoke them. An Instagram reel from Dennis’s account was shared by Animals Doing Things and Doggos Doing Things. In the video, Dennis was seen with a dog, and from afar, it looked like they were getting along. But, if you look closely, Dennis was annoying the dog with his quacks. The dog might have wanted Dennis to shut up, but he did not stop quacking until the dog lost his patience and scared him away.

The Instagram reel uploaded on both curating accounts has reached 1 million views, 24k likes, and 213 comments. Some people even funnily tried to translate what Dennis said. An Instagram user commented about his interpretation of the scenario, “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you.” People also pointed out that Dennis had it coming and asked for it. Dennis should be careful next time — it looks like his friends are running out of patience.

In the Indian runner duck’s account, there are other reels that show how annoying Dennis can be. All the dogs on the farm are his target — they can’t catch a break from the walking menace. By watching the content from Dennis’s Instagram, you’ll surely get a good laugh and pity the dogs later on. He is one tough duck who amazingly never gets intimidated by the large dogs at home.

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