“Friend” Under Fire on Reddit for Leaving His Drunk Friend at the Wrong House

You are fortunate enough if you have friends you can hang out with outside of work and school. Having them around instantly balances life — you can be your most natural self with them. Even when life gets in the way, you must try to see each other once in a while. That’s why creating remarkable memories is essential since you don’t often get together. Arrange a lunch date, go out for brunch, plan a getaway, attend a party, or hang out at each other’s places. There are many things you can do to catch up with your friends, especially when you share similar interests. Your group can even just go out for drinks and have fun like before.

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Apart from enjoying one’s company, friendships are more meaningful when looking out for each other. For instance, expressing care by ensuring everyone’s safety whenever you are out for drinks. You are all each other’s responsibility, especially at bars and clubs. However, one guy from Reddit seems to have forgotten his role as a friend. Making sure everyone is home safe is the sober friend’s job during nights out. Redditor wronghouseaita actually did that, but something went wrong.

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“One of my friends, Kara (22F) was back in town this past weekend for some family stuff. We made plans to meet up for some drinks on Saturday night after I got off work. I ended up having to work later than I expected, so Kara went out with some other friends, and I told her I would meet up with them when I got off work,” OP explained. “By the time I made it to the bars, it was already past 10 pm, and since I had things to do the next day, I decided to just have 1-2 beers so I could still drive home. When I found Kara, she was already pretty drunk, so I told her I could give her a ride back to her parents’ place at the end of the night.”

They left the bar before midnight, and then he took a drunk Kara to her parents’ house. Little did he know, it would be the start of a conflict in their friendship. “About 20 minutes later, Kara called me, and she was very upset. She said that I dropped her off at the wrong house and that the people who live there were threatening to call the police if she didn’t leave,” OP wrote. Turns out, Kara’s parents moved six months ago, and the miscommunication caused trouble in the neighborhood. She was so intoxicated that she tried to open the door with her keys and rang the doorbell, only to be welcomed by strangers — who were displeased by the situation.


Although it can be seen as Kara’s fault, what OP did wasn’t alright either. Instead of helping her, he blamed her and refused to come to get her. In OP’s defense, he was already home and getting ready for bed, but it wasn’t a justifiable reason to dismiss a friend in need. Even though he suggested that Kara should call her parents, it was still insensitive of him. After that chaotic night, wronghouseaita tried to approach Kara again but to no avail. Their friends and Kara’s parents were mad about what he did.

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OP added edits to his post, saying, “Guarantee everyone calling me an AH would be singing a different tune if the genders were reversed. Typical.” Regardless of gender, it was mean of him to leave a drunk friend alone at night. Redditors pointed out more things that went wrong in the situation. CuttlefishBenjamin commented, “Hmm. I would suggest that, irrespective of gender, if someone is that drunk, and provided that it’s safe to do so given traffic conditions, it would be appropriate to wait in the car and make sure they make it inside.” OP could’ve at least waited for Kara to sober up a little or tried to wait for her parents to answer the door to ensure his friend was safely home.

“When I take someone home, I wait until they’re inside before I leave. If they are heavily intoxicated, I go to the door with them, in case they have trouble with their keys or the steps (this after a friend did a pretty gnarly face plant on their brick porch & then fell off the porch into a prickly shrub trying to get up),” rapt2right wrote. “This is true regardless of gender – I’m a small woman, and experience has taught me that I am much more able to prevent a fiasco than correct it,” the Redditor added. People in the comment section were peeved with wronghouseaita and could not help but write lengthy remarks. Who wouldn’t be, right? Do you think OP’s behavior was acceptable? Drop your comments below his post!

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