Man Discovers Mysterious “Dragon” Skull On A Beach In Yorkshire

One of the best parts of going to the beach is not knowing exactly what you’ll find.

I grew up by the beach and no matter how often I went to the same spot, it was always changing. With each rising tide, a new wave of treasures was pushed up on the sand to pick through. I found everything from shells, sea glass and sand dollars to sea urchins and weathered trash.


Quite often, I’d be looking through the sand or exploring a tide pool and discover something I’d never seen before. The beach is like that. It holds mysteries and is always offering up new discoveries.

A man walking along Bridlington Beach in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom ended up making quite a discovery when he spotted something white on the shore.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Further examination revealed the item was a bone – a skull perhaps?

The man, Reddit user u/Duckbats, shared a photo of the unusual skull, along with the caption: “Found some kind of animal skull in the sand while on Bridlington beach! Anyone know what this critter was?”

Many people speculated what the bone might be from, with several guessing a dragon!

“This is why no-one believes experts anymore. Clearly Draconian in origin,” one person commented.

“Dragon,” one agreed.

“F**k off with your science bullshit. Its a dragon. It says so on the internet,” someone else chimed in.

While a dragon skull would certainly be an interesting discovery, it seems there’s a more logical explanation. As other Reddit users pointed out in the comment, the skull appears to not be a skull at all, but instead, a gull pelvis.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A quick Google search for “gull pelvis” reveals plenty of photos that look just like the photo shared by u/Duckbats. It’s less exciting, but it makes sense given that Yorkshire is home to plenty of of gulls and seabirds.

Have you ever found something interesting on the beach? Let us know!

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