Doggy Daycare Hosts Fashion Show With Runway So Pups Can Show Off Their Halloween Costumes

Dogs are like family to us, and as such, they participate in family activities like dressing up for Halloween.

Some pet parents do group costumes that feature their pets, while others keep things more low-key. But for pups attending the doggy daycare Downtown Hound in Omaha, Nebraska, Halloween costumes got real serious real fast!

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

The daycare hosted a fashion show with a runway so pups could show off their Halloween costumes and be judged on them. In the end, they even chose a winner for the best costume!

The company announced the contest winner on Instagram, saying: “AND THE WINNER OF THE 2022 DOWNTOWN HOUND HALLOWEEN CONTEST IS……. TRASH PANDA! aka INDIE!”

They added that “This was by far one of our best Halloween turnouts!”

Downtown Hounds shared a “part two” of the contestants on Instagram because they “loved ALL of todays costumes SO much!”

You can see more of the pup’s costumes in the post below:

An employee at the Downtown Hound shared a video of the canine runway event with ViralHog. They said:

“I and my coworkers at Downtown Hound decided to hold a doggie Halloween costume contest! In this video, we do a cute little runway so our pups could show off their costumes! Indie the ‘Trash PANDA’ won the first prize, with Scooby the Lifeguard as a close second!”

Check out the video below:

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