Meet The Radio Host with Down Syndrome Who Goes By The Name “Treble J”

People with down syndrome have always surprised the world with their capabilities. Their stories are so inspiring because they show others that you can be anything you want to be. Autism can never hinder them from pursuing a career and checking off things from their bucket list. It’s also important that they are surrounded by loving and supportive parents. They need a person that won’t stop believing in them — even when it looks impossible at some point. Parents boost their confidence and security that things will work out in the end. Parents need to believe that down syndrome does not define their children — they can also contribute to society.

Photo: Youtube/NBC2 News

Jack Sharpe has that story — a 12-year-old kid with down syndrome and parents willing to do anything for him. The Naples-based family shared their journey with NBC2 News, which has brought inspiration to many people. Doug and Cynthia, Jack’s parents, had made things better for their son by engaging him on a radio show. Since then, Jack became “Treble J,” the radio host that plays great music for his listeners. It all started when his parents were searching for a way to improve his communication skills. Apparently, he was also born with a speech disorder called Apraxia — a condition that hinders him from conversing in the correct sequence.

Photo: Youtube/NBC2 News

Cynthia shared that they were supposed to make appointments for speech therapy, but COVID-19 restrictions got in the way. They had to find an alternative, and that’s when NEWHD media was introduced to Jack. The organization aims to provide jobs for those with special needs in the media industry. They call it Sophia’s mission, and it covers job opportunities for people with disabilities and disabled veterans. Doug and Cynthia submitted their son’s story that later led to Treble J getting his show, SharpeLivin. He would play songs from his favorite artists on Sunday mornings. Listeners are given good music by the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and U2.

“We get to have fun as a family listening to music, and we get to help Treble J’s speech,” Doug said. The family gained happiness in their newfound love for radio hosting. They get to bond and see their son’s communication skills improve. Not only that, but their show also helps listeners, especially families also struggling with providing a comfortable life for their children with special needs. They mention resources that could help them with their children’s improvements. At the age of 12 with Down syndrome, Jack has already given hope to others — the world is a better place with his radio show. You might want to check out SharpeLivin on NEWHD Radio and get involved with their family’s organization, Additional Needs.

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