Two-Legged Dog Still Needs A Home After Spending A Year In The Shelter

There’s no doubt that dogs with special needs tend to spend more time in the shelter. There are those who have a big heart, however, who often come in and give them the chance that they really need.

That is where Bebe comes in. She is only two years old and is a husky mixed with a German Shepherd.

For her entire life, she has lived in the shelter, including a year of her life at The Animal Pad. She came to that nonprofit dog rescue in San Diego after losing both of her hind legs, according to an Instagram announcement:

Bebe is doing quite well and she is able to get around, thanks to the help of her makeshift wheelchair. The problem is, she still needs a forever home. It’s not that she never had a home, it’s just that she was mistreated at a very young age.

You see, when Bebe was dropped off in Guadalupe, Mexico at a veterinarian’s office, she was only three months old. At that time, she had been abandoned and was stuffed in a crate. Unfortunately, because the crate was too small for her, her back legs had atrophied and they had to be amputated.

The Animal Pad goes to high-kill animal shelters and saves dogs in Mexico. When they found out about Bebe, they wanted to do everything they could to help. Unfortunately, this did include having her legs amputated but after she recovered, she adapted to her new “legs” in the form of a wheelchair.

You can learn a little bit about this wonderful dog in her adoption profile. It says: “I can race ya when I am on my wheels! When I see my chariot being brought out, I know that it’s time for some fun.”

Bebe is curious and loves to run, swim, and enjoy life. She does deal with some incontinence and takes Prozac for anxiety, but she will make the perfect dog for the right family.

She “Loves to run around on her wheels, enjoys attention and playtime, loves her behavioral training classes!” Though she’ll require some extra TLC, she sounds like a joy!

You can keep up with Bebe on Instagram, @bebegirlonwheelz.

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