Home Sweet Home: Doorbell Camera Captures Joyful Reunion Between Fur Mom and Missing Cat

“Yesterday our indoor cat escaped for the first time. 12 hours later he came home to my wife.”

With more than 80k views on Reddit’s r/aww, this video posted by u/Just_Another_Frodo is definitely heartwarming!

Anyone who has experienced losing a pet and getting it back can perfectly understand the roller-coaster ride that our emotions take during such an ordeal. It’s like losing a family member, and you just can’t eat and sleep until it’s back in your arms.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/Just_Another_Frodo

In this case, the cat obviously has such loving fur parents.

Seeing so many people loving cats, here are some surprising facts about these feline species straight from the National Geographic interview with Gary Weitzman, a veterinarian and head of the San Diego Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

According to Dr. Weitzman, he learned that ‘scientists think that cats respond better to women because ‘women have higher-pitched voices than men.’ This information is included in his book, How To Speak Cat.

Another fascinating discovery: Cats can see in the dark six times better than people.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/Just_Another_Frodo

Now, the question is if a cat’s breed affects its personality? The answer is, Definitely! According to Dr. Weitzman, the color of a cat’s coat is linked to behavior. As an example, tortoiseshell cats tend to be independent and they usually grow fond of only one person. They are also known for being assertive when it comes to things they want.

Regarding a cat’s bizarre behaviors, like zooming across the living room or not using its litter box in spite of training, Dr. Weitzman explains that the zooming may be due to a lot of pent-up energy in indoor cats. Meanwhile, if a cat occasionally misses its training, such as the use of a litter box, we must bear in mind that these animals are still young in comparison to dogs in terms of domestication. There are parts of them that remain wild.

What do the Reddit users say about this sweet reunion of a cat and fur mom?

“Love that he strolled up like it was just a normal day like, ‘hey, what’s up, what’s all the fuss about,'” wrote one commenter.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/Just_Another_Frodo

“What do you mean, ‘missing’? I knew where I was,” commented another from the cat’s POV.

Meanwhile, a Redditor shared this experience and advice: “My cat Louie escaped my first-floor flat one evening right after dinner. My mom was visiting at the time, and we immediately went out with treats yelling his name and looking absolutely everywhere. We were out there for hours, it was nearly midnight when we finally gave up, totally defeated. I was devastated. When I rounded the corner to my flat, there was Louie, on my front step, meowing to be let in. My neighbour told me the next day that he had been meowing out there for hours. Always leave someone at home when you go out looking for a lost pet.”

This person couldn’t hide delightful feelings too! “It’s so cute because you see her look to the left of the camera, probably with a little hope that she see might see the kitty, and then she turns around and yay! Surprise!”

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