Doorbell Camera Captures Unlucky Woodpecker Getting Tangled In Woman’s Hair

One time, I was outside enjoying a lazy Sunday spring morning. I had my vanilla latte from my favorite coffee shop, plus a brand new book, and was just enjoying the calm.

But, that suddenly went away when a bee flew into my hair. Immediately, I dropped my latte, lost my spot in my book, and generally looked like a weirdo as I yelped and jumped around the park.

Photo: TikTok/@theghostofbeverlydrive

Needless to say, I did not keep calm when I small bee flew into my hair, and I’m sure I wouldn’t stay calm if something even bigger got in my hair.

This is why it’s so impressive that Brittany Bronson was able to remain entirely calm when a baby woodpecker accidentally got stuck in her hair.

Photo: TikTok/@theghostofbeverlydrive

Britney lives in North Carolina. While at home, she heard something hit the window, so she went outside to investigate. That is when she saw a woodpecker was lying on the ground.

According to Atlanta News First, she explained, “He’s kind of looking at me … and then he jumps on my head.”

Now, that would make anyone go into a panic, but not Britney. She calmly walked around to the front of the house and rang the doorbell in order to get some help from her brother, Colton.

Photo: TikTok/@theghostofbeverlydrive

Her brother can be heard asking, “What is going on? Why is that thing on your head?”

With a little patience, Colton was able to get the woodpecker out of Britney’s hair, and he set it down on the ground. Later, they called the a local wildlife rehabilitation center that specializes in birds, and the little woodpecker was off to Holly’s Nest Animal Rescue. There it would be cared for since the bird was too young to feed itself, and its parents were nowhere to be found.

Check out the vides down below:

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So this just happened.

♬ original sound – Britt

After a few months of rehabilitation, the woodpecker had its happy ending.

The animal rescue was pleased to announce on Facebook that the “famous woodpecker” was finally realsed to the wild in late August.

What do you think of this tangled woodpecker fiasco? Has anything similar ever happened to you? Let us know!

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