Heroic Donkey Saves His Goat Friend’s Life In The Middle Of The Night

Donkeys are often stereotyped as being stubborn and stupid. But the truth this, they’re incredibly intelligent and affectionate.

Perhaps no one knows this as well as Stephanie Wessel, owner of Waffles the donkey and his farm friends.

Photo: TikTok/@thisismycircus0

Waffles first went viral on TikTok back in May when his owner shared a video of him desparetly trying to befriend the family goats.

While the goats weren’t that receptive to his affection, they may be changing their tune after he managed to save one of their lives in the middle of the night.

As Stephanie shared on TikTok, Waffles heroically saved the life of his goat friend, Toro, when Toro’s neck became trapped in the fence.

Photo: TikTok/@thisismycircus0

Goats are known for getting their heads stuck in things and it leaves them susceptible to injuries and predators, so time is of the essence in freeing them – especially at night.

It seems Waffles sensed the urgency of the situation and when Toro’s head became trapped around 12:30AM, he stood outside Stephanie’s door and “screamed” at her until she came outside.

Stephanie explained in the video, “[Toro] had weaved her head through the openings in a way that I just couldn’t push her back through and had to go get the bolt cutters to cut the fence to get her out. The way her head was in there she either would have screamed all night and potentially attracted predators or broke her neck struggling.”

Photo: TikTok/@thisismycircus0

Stephanie wouldn’t have known that Toro was in trouble until it was too late if it hadn’t been for Waffles. What a great donkey!

Check out the TikTok video below:

@thisismycircus0 Don’t complain about me taking the time to record. She was calm and I was SO proud of waffles. #wafflesthedonkey #halfassfarms #goat ♬ original sound – Stephanie W

You can keep up with Waffles and his family on TikTok here!

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