Clever Donkey Knocks On Front Door To Get Owner’s Attention

A clever miniature donkey named Leo knows just how to get his owner’s attention – by knocking on the front door!

Leo lives with his owner, Jennifer Frederiksen, on their little farm in Mounds, Oklahoma.

Photo: TikTok/@jennjenn462

Jennifer shares about her animals on TikTok, but Leo the miniature donkey is really the star of the show.

In one hilarious video, Jennifer revealed that Leo learned to “felony knock” on the front door to get attention. She said in the caption: “Leo scared the crap out of us because no one comes to the house.”

Photo: TikTok/@jennjenn462

In the clip, you can hear the loud, thudding knock. It sounds like the police! But when Jennifer opens the door, there’s no one on the other side. No one, that is, except for Leo and his barnyard friends.

Check out the video below:

@jennjenn462 Leo scared the crap out of us because no one comes to the house. Damn donkey!#fyp #foryou #candycrush10 #foryourpage #donkey #farmlife ♬ original sound – JennJenn

While you may think that Leo’s antics were a one-and-done deal, Jennifer shared an update of Leo knocking even more.

At the end of the clip, you can see how cleverly Leo is managing to make such a loud and intimidating knocking sound.

As it turns out, he’s using his front hoof! He simply lifts his leg and thuds the door a few times to get the attention of everyone in the house.

Photo: TikTok/@jennjenn462

It’s clearly quite effective.

Check out the video to see for yourself:

@jennjenn462 Leo is at it again! Knocking donkey 😂😂#fyp #foryou #candycrush10 #donkey #farmlife #foryoupage ♬ original sound – JennJenn

For how much Leo knocks on the door, you’d think he is used to coming into the house.

@jennjenn462 Here we go again..Leo!!! #AmazonSavingSpree #petsmart #fyp #foryou #donkey #farmlife #foryoupage ♬ original sound – JennJenn

Jennifer said, “He knows I’ll answer every time.”

@jennjenn462 He knows i love him ❤️❤️#AmazonSavingSpree #petsmart #fyp #donkey #foryou #farmlife #foryoupage #silly #donkeysoftiktok ♬ original sound – JennJenn

To keep up with Leo and his family, you can follow Jennifer on TikTok, @jennjenn462.

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