Drone Captures Pod Of Dolphins Circling Great White Shark Off The Coast Of South Africa

Drone footage captured the incredible moment a pod of dolphins circled a great white shark off the coast of South Africa in Plettenberg Bay.

Witnessing great white sharks in Plettenberg Bay isn’t out of the usual.

Photo: YouTube/xmierx

In fact, according to Ocean Blue Adventures, “Plettenberg Bay sees a number of Great White Sharks cruising through the waters, often seen behind the waves, and in the shallow waters along the base of Robberg Peninsula.”

However, it’s far less common to see a great white shark being circled by dolphins.

Photo: YouTube/xmierx

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation points out that large sharks prey on dolphins. The non-profit notes, “Sharks are major predators of dolphins in some parts of the world…”

Sharks tend to go after juvenile and sick dolphins, but the pod will protect its most vulnerable by chasing and ramming the shark.

Photo: YouTube/xmierx

It’s unclear if the dolphins in this pod are trying to chase the great white shark away or just having some fun, but it’s fascinating to witness either way.

Check out the video below:

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