Two Doggy BFFs Video Chat With Each Other After One Moves To A New City

The thing that no one warns you about adulthood is the difficulty of adult friendships. It was actually so easy to keep in touch with your friends as a kid.

You saw them literally every day in school, then had plenty of time to call or text them after school and on weekends. Man, did we take that kind of freedom for granted.

Now, as an adult, fitting in time to catch up with your bestie can seem next to impossible. Linking up with different schedules, family commitments, etc. – they can all get in the way of getting in contact with friends.

If you happen to live in another state or country from your bestie that can make communication that bit trickier.

Photo: TikTok/@rolloandsadie

Unfortunately, in this busy age, it’s not just humans who have issues connecting with the friends they care about. Apparently, two dogs are having to rely on technology in order to keep their friendship in take, and it’s the sweetest thing to watch.

Sadie and Rollo are two pups who are the best of friends. In fact, they’re so close that these two besties are known to video chat together, thanks to their very understanding owners.

Photo: TikTok/@rolloandsadie

The whole thing was caught on camera from both dogs’ points of view.

Here is Rollo’s chat with Sadie:

@rolloandsadie When you really miss your bestie 🚨🚨🚨 #dog #dogsoftiktok #dogs ♬ original sound – Rollo and Sadie

And here is Sadie and her very, very long response to Rollo:

@rolloandsadie Replying to @victoriateesdaleives From Sadie’s perspective! #dogbesties #longdistancedogbesties #dogsoftiktokviral #dogsoftiktok #rolloandsadie #dog #dogs #fyp #doghowling ♬ original sound – Rollo and Sadie

Aren’t these two doggy friends just the cutest? Have you ever seen dogs video chat with each other? Let us know!

You can see more of them on Instagram or TikTok!

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