Mischievous Beagles Steal Neighbor’s Halloween Candy In Trick-Or-Treating Prank

Maymo the beagle is back at his mischievous antics, but this time, with the help of three friends: Penny, Potpie, and Indie.

Maymo has amassed millions of followers on social media and people have fallen in love with the spunky, goofy pup.

Photo: YouTube/Maymo

Sometimes, though, Maymo shows his naughty side, like on Halloween.

In a hilarious video shared on YouTube, you can see Maymo, Penny, Potpie, and Indie dressed up in costumes and ready to go trick-or-treating. The four beagles may look innocent, but they want more than a little candy.

Photo: YouTube/Maymo

As the four beagles go door-to-door to get candy, they aren’t satisfied with a single piece. Instead, they want the whole candy bowl and they’ll stop at nothing to get it!

The pups use baseball bats and shovels to knock out their neighbors and even take out a police officer and a nun – all in the name of candy. Once their victims are out cold, the pups reach out and grab the whole candy bowl.

Photo: YouTube/Maymo

In the end, the pups walk away with loads of candy. It’s so much candy, they’ll never be able to finish it all! Perhaps they should’ve gone with one piece after all.

Of course, the video is satire but that doesn’t make it any less funny. Check out the video below to see for yourself:

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