Study Finds More Dogs Will Respond to Sounds of Treats Than Their Own Names

For almost any pet owner, this will come as no surprise. A recent poll of 2,000 dog owners confirmed that dogs will come a running for the sound of a treat bag or container or even the word “treat” before they’ll respond to their own names. The figure given for name acknowledgment was a measly 37 percent. To be more specific, that 37 percent was for consistently responding to a summons. This seems pretty accurate. Dogs, like people, don’t always choose to acknowledge you on the first try — or even the second or third.

Dog Treats

As for the rustle of a treat bag or the shaking of a container, 47 percent of those surveyed said that their dogs reacted instinctively to the noises made when they were within earshot. This included the opening of the containers holding the tasty morsels. Even more impressive was the finding that 52 percent of canines will hustle for their owners when they hear the words “treat” or “cookies,” as many dog owners use in place of the word treat. Shocked? We didn’t think so.

dogs waiting for treats
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Food Motivated

Further results point to the typical canine knowing an average of five spoken commands. Of those commands, dog owners say that 20 percent of them are treat-based. Again, no surprise. Conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by CLIF PET, the results confirm that 67 percent of dogs are considered “very food motivated.” Of the respondents, 4 in 10 related that they give their pups treats as a form of reward, making it the most popular reason among those in the survey. Furthermore, 3 in 4 people believed they wouldn’t have been able to teach their dog any commands without using treats. Dog trainers recommend this method of positive reinforcement as well.

poodle eating treat
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Treat Hogs

The poll results went on to say that approximately 21 percent of those surveyed give their dogs treats at least once a day, while another 18 percent admitted to providing them goodies multiple times a day. With the rise in obesity in pets, your veterinarian might have a thing or two to say about that. Depending on the breed and its age, you might want to consult with your vet if you identify as one of these freewheeling pet parents. On the other hand, if your dog is getting plenty of exercise and burning the calories off, you likely don’t have as much to worry about. Can you relate to the results of the study in your own home?

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