Hilarious Dogs React To Wearing Boots For The Very First Time

When I moved to Northern Washington with my 20lb Goldendoodle dog, Jax, I wanted to be as prepared as possible for the winter months. Jax had spent his whole life up until that point in wine country, California and he wasn’t used to cold winters.

Where we moved was just across the border from Canada and the winter brought snow – something neither myself nor Jax was prepared for!

Photo: YouTube/funnyplox

To help him walk on the cold ground, I got him some snow booties and watched as he pathetically pranced around. He refused to walk in a straight line and spent most of the “walk” hopping up and down, attempting to remove the boots.

It was hilarious to watch and it seems his reaction isn’t a solitary experience!

Photo: YouTube/funnyplox

In fact, there’s a whole compilation video dedicated to dogs reacting to wearing boots for the first time and it’s too funny.

Dogs wear boots for a variety of reasons, from protecting their paws from cold or heat to helping keep the house clean during the rainy months and even as fashion!

Photo: YouTube/funnyplox

One thing many dogs seem to share in common is their disdain or uncertainty for boots – especially when trying them on for the first time.

In the compilation below, you can see a variety of breeds and mutts reacting to boots and they all have their own ways of expressing their feelings.

Check out the video below:

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