Man Leaves His Two Dogs Alone in a House Full of Tennis Balls

With over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Sky and Kakoa are definitely social media celebrities!

These two Mountain Huskies are smart, high-spirited, fun-loving, and adventurous. They love playing games with friends, joining a watermelon eating contest, food tasting, trick or treating on Halloween, hunting Easter eggs, and donning lovely costumes.

Sky and Kakoa have dressed in many kinds of costumes, from glitzy and holiday attire to amazing superheroes!

Their owners are fond of playing games with them too. They love playing pranks on their dogs, like alien invasion, T-rex burglar pranks, crying pranks, and faking death in front of their pets pranks.

Another one of their owners’ favorite activities involving the huskies is spying on these two to see what the two dogs will do if left alone in the house.

Will Kakoa and Sky steal food if they are the only ones at home? Will they steal the Thanksgiving turkey? Will they enjoy a movie night without their owners? How will they spend an overnight in a haunted room?

Their human family gets a good laugh with each discovery. And as their happiness gets sweeter every day, their love for their huskies and vice versa becomes even deeper.

Now, what game should they do this time for Sky and Kakoa?

Photo: YouTube/My Mountain Husky

Remembering how crazy the huskies were over balloons and a ball pit, it is time to find out what the duo will do with a house full of tennis balls. Their owner brought home 2,000 tennis balls and put them all in the living room. He then pretended to go out, leaving the two huskies on their own.

However, instead of going to the living room to play with the tennis balls, the two went looking for their owner. Then one of them went to the kitchen to see if there was any food. Afterward, they continued searching and waiting for their owner to come back.

When did Kakoa and Sky have a great time with the tennis balls? Only when their owner had returned. The Huskies were definitely happier with him than with the tennis balls! The video ended with all three of them playing with the balls together in pure bliss!

See more of Kakoa and Sky with their beloved family on YouTube and Instagram!

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