Dogs Covered In Filth & Fleas Are Rescued From Deplorable Conditions After Being Dumped

The Jourdanton, Texas Police Department notified Atascosa Animal Control regarding a horrible hoarding situation involving more than a dozen dogs.

When Henry Dominguez, Director of Atascosa Animal Control, and his team showed up to the home, the scene was worse than they could’ve ever imagined.

Photo: Facebook/Jourdanton Police Department

“The living conditions were deplorable. I mean, it’s just trash. [The dogs] were living in trash,” Dominguez told KSAT. “As we stood around, we were getting fleas on us, and the animals were in poor condition. Their health wasn’t doing that good.”

One of the dogs was tied up in a kennel with no food or water and rescuers had to cut the chain to free her.

Animal control brought in nearly 14 dogs from the property, and they are now getting cleaned, fed and socialized before they will be available for adoption.

Photo: Facebook/Jourdanton Police Department

The Jourdanton Police have since launched a criminal investigation for alleged animal cruelty for the people who did this.

“The perpetrators of this act could face a separate counts of Animal Cruelty for each dog involved,” Jourdanton Police Chief Eric Kaiser wrote. “Under the current statute, each charge could be a separate State Jail Felony with a punishment of up to 2 years in a State Jail Facility and up to a $10,000 fine.”

Photo: YouTube/KSAT 12

The residence has been deemed filthy and unfit for human habitation, so Kaiser is working with the Jourdanton Public Works Department to remove the trash from the property.

Although the residence has not been lived in for quite a while, police believe someone has just been using the location to dump dogs.

Click here to see the dogs on Atascosa County’s Animal Control Facebook page as they’re put up for adoption.

Hear more of this story in the video below:

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