Dogs Have A Blast Going Down Their Very Own Spiral Slide

Three lucky pups have their very own spiral slide and they love going down it and having fun!

A video captured one of the times the three dogs rode the spiral slide to the bottom. But first, they had to take an elevator up to the top.

Photo: Facebook/I Love Dog

Growing up, I had a lot of great toys and things to play with. My family had a lovely backyard with trees to climb, a garden to tend, tetherball and croquet for fun, and plenty of space to run and play.

One thing I always wanted, however, was a spiral slide to play on. Parks had slides and they were so much fun, I hoped to have one in my own yard. But alas, my parents never put one in.

Photo: Facebook/I Love Dog

A group of dogs is living out my childhood dreams, though, with their very own spiral slide! Their owner built the slide into their dog house and it’s complete with an elevator.

Some people might not think dogs would enjoy going down a slide, but these three pups seem to absolutely love it!

Photo: Facebook/I Love Dog

As you can see in the video below, they happily hop in the elevator and ride up to the top of their slide. Then, one by one they jump down the tube and enjoy the ride.

It’s so cute! Check out the video below:

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