Dogs Have A Blast Going Down Their Own Twisty Outdoor Slide

Going to the park can be a lot of fun and one of the best parts is finding a twisty outdoor slide to go down. Who says dogs can’t have fun too?

It’s not just children who love twisty outdoor slides though, dogs do too! At least, some dogs do.

Take the pups that live with Xiaoshuai, for example.

Photo: YouTube/Xiao shuai jia de da langgoumen

In a video posted on Xiaoshuai’s YouTube channel, you can see his pack of pups sliding down their very own outdoor slide and loving every minute of it!

The first dog to go down is a large breed pup that slides down backward. That dog is followed by a smaller breed pooch who went down face first.

Photo: YouTube/Xiao shuai jia de da langgoumen

Several more dogs follow making it hard to count how many pups are even there! Our estimate is 7 to 10.

The dogs seem to love the slide and all the twists and turns it has to offer.

Photo: YouTube/Xiao shuai jia de da langgoumen

In the end, their human, Xiaoshuai, tumbles down the slide and joins his pups at the bottom.

Check out the adorable clip below:

The slide is actually part of an incredible kennel that Xiaoshuai custom-built for his pets. They’re some lucky animals!

Check out the video below to see more of the kennel:

Don’t worry, the cats weren’t left out of the fun either. The kennel was designed with a special observation area for felines so they can look out over the world.

It looks like every pet’s dream kennel!

You can see more of Xiaoshuai and his furry family on YouTube here!

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