Man Makes Short but Sweet YouTube Video Featuring a List of His Dog’s Favorite Things

A man named Scott, who started a YouTube channel called biggietheshepherd, has created a short featuring his dog Biggie’s favorite things, and it couldn’t be more fun. Biggie came into Scott’s life unexpectedly, and they’ve been best buds ever since, with Scott saying he’d never experienced a bond with a dog like this before Biggie came along.

Photo: YouTube/@biggietheshepherd6642

Biggie’s Favorite Things

Set to the Austin Powers’ theme music, aka Quincy Jones & His Orchestra’s Soul Bossa Nova, it quickly runs through the list of activities. They include car rides, naps, training, playing fetch while swimming in Alpine lakes, snowboarding with his dad, howling, getting Puppuccinos, and other equally fun stuff dogs enjoy. In each and every one, Biggie looks absolutely overjoyed.

Photo: YouTube/@biggietheshepherd6642

Biggie’s Channel

Biggie’s channel, @biggietheshepherd6642, is populated with videos demonstrating the amazing bond that Scott alludes to in a video made in conjunction with GeoBeats which explains how the two came to be best buds.

Photo: YouTube/@biggietheshepherd6642

Scott & Biggie

When the two first met, Scott had no intention of getting another dog. He’d recently lost a German shepherd that had passed away, and he was still mourning that loss. On a road trip, he passed a sign advertising puppies and decided to stop in just to check them out because he needed some puppy love, as he put it.

Biggie was the odd man out and appeared to be unwanted with his hernia, but Scott couldn’t resist and reasoned he’d figure it out. Figure it out they did, and the two appear to be nearly inseparable since they found one another. Scott, from his videos, is the outdoorsy type, which suits Biggie just fine. Now, they do everything together.

You can watch Biggie’s list of favorite things below. And if you’d like to see the video of how Biggie and Scott ended up together, you can check it out beneath his favorite things.

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