Woman’s Reaction To Giving Her Dogs New Plush Toys Strikes A Chord With Pet Parents Everywhere

My dog had a love-hate relationship with her stuffed toys. One minute she’d be flinging them around, quite literally ripping the stuffing out of them, and the next minute, she’d been licking them and cuddling them – totally treating them as if they were her baby.

Of course, this tenderness would never last long, and soon she’d be back to ripping them to shreds.

Photo: TikTok/@_layla_the_boxer

But my dog isn’t the only dog to do this. In fact, many dogs like to rip up their stuffed toys. It just results in an endless cycle of purchases for the owners who are constantly having to go out and replace the shredded items. One woman captured a rather hilarious TikTok of one such event.

It’s something all dog owners are familiar with, and one which Samantha Copley so brilliantly demonstrates.

Photo: TikTok/@_layla_the_boxer

She has two dogs: Layla a Boxer and Luna an Aussie/Heeler mix. The two of them are the lights of her life, but they can also be little terrors when she presents them with a new toy. As she so accurately wrote in her TikTok’s caption, “Dog parents can relate.”

It’s so true!

Photo: TikTok/@_layla_the_boxer

The whole video is just her purchasing a new toy only to watch it get destroyed within minutes. It was definitely something that resonated with the other pet parents, as one person wrote, “We keep buying them more because we love the way they react when we hand them a new one.”

Someone else added, “Yep and we keep going back for more don’t we?”

Photo: TikTok/@_layla_the_boxer

Of course, not all dogs rip up their stuffed toys, but to those dog owners, we have to ask, how does it feel to be the lucky ones?

Watch the video down below:

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How do your pets handle their stuffed animals? Is it the same in your household? Let us know!

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