Dog Owner Receives Humorous Voicemail From Daycare Staff

An adorable Alaska Klee Kai is making the rounds on social media after being the topic of a hilarious voicemail from a doggy daycare.

The dog, Kai, seemingly started a new daycare program and the staff with the daycare called his owner to share how he was doing.

Photo: TikTok/@kai_thekleekai

According to the American Kennel Club, Alaskan Klee Kai dogs tend to be “alert, energetic, and curious,” though reserved with strangers.

It seems that Kai has no trouble with strangers, however, based on a voicemail left by staff at his doggy daycare!

Photo: TikTok/@kai_thekleekai

“Kai listening to the voicemail I received from his daycare,” his owner shared in a video of the voicemail.

“Kai says, who me???? He pleads the 5th,” they captioned the video.

In the video, you can hear the daycare staff explaining how the dog got on at daycare that day.

Photo: TikTok/@kai_thekleekai

The said:

“I just want to give you a quick update. Kai is…um…a big humper. He’s overstimulated, um, literally humping everyone. Um, a lot of the dogs did not like it. He’s social, but he’s more concerned about humping everybody than he is playing and meeting them.”

As Kai listens to the voicemail, he looks completely innocent! It’s quite hilarious to witness.

You can hear the voicemail for yourself in the video below:

@kai_thekleekai Kai says, who me???? He pleads the 5th. #alaskankleekai #dogtok #puppyproblems🤣 #doggiedaycare ♬ original sound – Kai

To see more of Kai, be sure to check him out on TikTok, @kai_thekleekai.

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