Man Claims That His Dog Is The Most Patient Dog In Maine, Based On This Viral Video

The holidays are over, but I can’t let this pooch not get the spotlight, even if it’s a few days late.

Dubbed the most patient dog in Maine by the owner, Biscuit shows incredible patience in the merriest of ways!

In a video posted on Instagram, Biscuit got wrapped in tinsel just before Christmas as a living decoration!

Biscuit is seen standing still and letting her owner decorate her however they please. Note that the video is sped up so it just makes it more impressive just imagining how long the process was, without any qualms from the furry statue.

It became viral with over 1M views, but this isn’t the first time that Biscuit got caught in her owner’s shenanigans during Christmas.

Another video posted around the first week of December shows us Biscuit getting wrapped up as a present!

Again, it’s sped up and Biscuit is calm the whole time.

People are amazed at how patient the dog is.


There are others who are wondering what goes through Biscuit’s mind while she’s getting wrapped up. Most of the comments are just impressed with how Biscuit just lets her owner do whatever they want with her.

For those expressing their concern for the dog, the owner reassures them that the tinsel was gently wrapped around Biscuit and it doesn’t go anywhere near the dog’s mouth.

But contrary to Biscuit’s calm demeanor during all these Christmas wrapping videos, she also gets her fair share of zoomies!

Just look at her go! She can go from 0 to 100 in a sec!

Biscuit also has an alter ego called Karen, and she is a beautiful, sassy girl!

Watch more of Biscuit, aka Karen, in the video below!

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