Dog with Note Attached to Collar Jumps into Patrol Car Looking for Help in Platteville, WI

Is this a trend or what? Recently, we’ve seen a number of stories where a dog or a cat has leapt into a vehicle looking for help or flat-out rescue from their situation. Well, it’s happened again, and this time it’s a dog in Wisconsin.

A lost, or more likely abandoned, dog found herself alone in a park where she was apparently spotted and reported to local police. When an officer from the Platteville Police Department arrived at Moundview Park and opened the door to exit the vehicle, the female dog came bounding up and hopped right in.

Detailed on the department’s Facebook page, they noted, “This sweet girl came right over to the officer and jumped in the squad.”

Abandoned & Missing Animals

lost dog Lola
Photo: Facebook/Platteville PD

The responding officer carefully inspected the cute canine after she sprang inside the cruiser and saw that the animal was wearing a pink dog collar with a handwritten note attached stating, “Please help, take me to a shelter.” Almost as an aside, it included the words “My name is Lola.”

One could assume it’s a case of abandonment, which is illegal in Platteville. In a post, the department asked for the public’s assistance in finding Lola’s original owners, adding that, “We would like to speak with them.”

In the meantime, the authorities have taken Lola in as they further investigate her background and the circumstances surrounding her appearance. If anyone recognizes Lola or her name, it could go a long way toward helping them in their attempts to unravel the mystery of how Lola came to be in Moundview Park with a note attached to her collar.

Animal Welfare Laws

note left on dog
Photo: Facebook/Platteville PD

No one should jump to conclusions regarding how she got to where she is today. As one commenter posted, “This really struck me as a call for help for the dog and possibly the owner. My prayers you can find them.”

Another noted, “At first this looks pretty bad, but what if there is an abusive household member and someone is trying to get the dog away from them without consequences to themselves?” Several others were worried about the welfare of the owner(s) as well.

Regardless of how this spunky and proactive girl got to be where she is now, we hope that she ultimately ends up safe and protected with the people who will love her the most in life.

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