Dog With Broken Leg Dumped In Woods With His Bed, Toys, And Unopened Dog Food Finally Gets The Help He Needs

An injured 8-month-old puppy survived on his own in the woods for two weeks until someone spotted him and called for help.

The sweet boy was dumped in the woods by his heartless owner along with his bed, old toys, and a bag of sealed dog food and left to die.

The dog was not tied but never moved off his bed. Rescuers soon discovered it was because he was injured, and it was too painful to move. The sweet boy started wagging his tail when he realized he was being rescued.

However, the local shelter was unable to afford his medical costs and he was going to be euthanized if a rescue didn’t come forward.

Humans and Animals United, an animal rescue organization based in Florida, took him in and named him Hank. They brought him to an animal hospital where a vet examined him and found he had a broken leg.

“Hank has been staying at the Veterinary hospital to gain some weight before surgery, this poor kiddo was so skinny. The surgeon approximates the leg to have been broken for more than 2 weeks and him abandoned in the woods for 2 weeks,” shared the rescue.

The skinny puppy is finally safe and receiving the care he needs thanks to generous people donating towards his care and the devoted staff at the animal hospital.

Even though he has had a rough start to life, he still loves people and other dogs. He is scheduled to have surgery on his leg. As soon as he recovers, he will be ready to find his forever home.

Hank’s rescue story was shared on Facebook and Humans and Animal United said they are accepting adoption applications for the handsome fella.

The rescue wrote, “We cannot imagine why anyone would dump him with a broken leg. Left him with his bed, toys and food in the woods. Whoever you are please know that Hank is now safe and will never ever be hurt again.”

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