Dog Surprises Owner During Spunky Game of Hide and Seek

There is a reason that dogs make such great companions – they love to spend time with us. They also enjoy playing games, which makes them extra fun to be around.

Our dogs love to play games with us, and that makes bonding with them just a bit more special. Not that cats can’t play games with us too, but dogs are always much more willing participants.

Photo: Pexels/Shane Kell

A great game that proves to be fun for both dog and owner is the game of hide and seek. It seems to provide both humans and dogs hours of fun. Plus, it’s always easy to capture on camera and share with social media how clever your dog is for finding you.

That’s exactly what Raegan Sumner did when playing hide and seek with her beloved pooch.

Photo: TikTok/@amnesiasauce

The way her fluffy white pup just jumped out at her from around the corner of the door, then stared at her as though he’s saying, “gotcha!” is too adorable. The video definitely will put a smile on your face.

In fact, in the video, Raegan can be heard laughing at the way her dog makes his presence known after finding her hiding location.

Photo: TikTok/@amnesiasauce

How cute is that?

Watch the full video below:

@amnesiasauce Too good at hide and seek #fyp #foryou #meme #funnydog #funnyvideos #dogs #hideandseek #cutedog ♬ original sound – Amnesia Sauce

What do you think of this adorable game of hide and seek? Do you ever play similar games with your dog at home? Let us know!

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