Dog Is Now Over the Nightmare of Being Thrown Out of a Window, Thanks to Kind K9 Officers

“Canine units (better known as K9 units) have historically helped security guards, police officers, and even regular families, detect and prevent crimes and disruptive behaviour. Dogs that are trained to work in the security and safety industry have a number of functions and fill a broad range of roles. These dogs take their jobs very seriously, and teams that work with K9 units are very lucky to have such dedicated professionals on their side,” according to the website of the Patrol Points.

Photo: Tiktok/k9_raider281

But to be an effective K9 unit, there must be a special closeness or bond between a dog and his handler. They must be able to communicate very well to be able to carry out their mission successfully. A trained dog must have a high degree of sensibility in obeying voice commands and hand signals. At the same time, his handler must show him the same degree of patience, respect, and perseverance, along with care.

Raider is one of these heroic dogs. One of her recent missions was the rescue of another dog who was thrown out of a window.

Photo: Tiktok/k9_raider281

TikTok account holder @K9_raider281 related the story about how they received a report concerning this dog. They immediately went to the area and found a white puppy on the street. Fortunately, the dog was uninjured.

The K9 officers went on looking for the person who threw the dog out of the window, but the culprit was gone. The person must have heard the arrival of the K9 officers and quickly escaped.

Photo: Tiktok/k9_raider281

What did Raider do after rescuing the pup? She immediately took the role of an auntie to this young dog! You can see on this viral post just how happy the two canines are playing together.

One of the K9 officers was also willing to give this abandoned puppy a forever home.

You can’t be grateful enough for this kind of K9 unit!


People really suck! Good thing one of our officers is going to give this abandoned dog a home #puppylove #k9 #dog #fyp

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