This Dog Makes Her Grandparents Feel Like They are The Luckiest People in The World

“Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.” Written by Roger Caras

According to Tracking Happiness, regardless of a dog’s breed or color, they all have the following qualities in common:

Photo: Tiktok/back_to_the_gypsy
  • Unconditional love
  • Ever-forgiving heart
  • The purpose of their existence is to please you.
  • Ever enthusiastic to join you in every adventure.

Moreover, science backs the many benefits we gain from friendship with dogs. Tracking Happiness has listed 5 of them:

Photo: Tiktok/back_to_the_gypsy
  1. Dogs enhance our mood. Just staring eye-to-eye with our beloved dogs releases oxytocin in our brains, making us feel good. Oxytocin is sometimes called the “love hormone,” because it spreads warmth and happiness in our hearts when we are close to loved ones, including our dogs. Yes, it’s beneficial in building relationships since this hormone fosters trust and empathy. What’s more, dogs feel the same way because of oxytocin.
  2. Dogs help in relieving stress and keeping us mentally healthy. Researchers from the University of British Columbia found that petting dogs could reduce stress significantly. They tested pre-exam stress in 246 students both before and after they interacted with a therapy dog. The study results were that “therapy dog sessions had strong immediate benefits, significantly reducing stress and increasing happiness and energy levels.”
  3. Photo: Tiktok/back_to_the_gypsy
  4. Dogs help us make friends easily. People often greet us when we take walks with our dogs. They ask us about their names, breeds, habits, and other things and we are comfortable answering them. In fact, conversations about dogs are often marked with laughter and smiles.
  5. Dogs give us the kind of love we all desire but some of us don’t really deserve. Yes, let’s face it, our dog loves us with such devotion and loyalty that’s hard to find in people. They are also extrenely patient and forgiving so that you can’t help doubting at times if they deserve to have pitiful you as their master.
  6. Dogs help in keeping us physically healthy. Yes, these sweet animals kindle our adventurous spirit. They encourage us to be more active even by simply taking a walk or enjoying a game of fetch. Road trips and other outdoor activities are also more fun-filled with dogs due to their enthusiasm, energy, and curiosity.
  7. Photo: Tiktok/back_to_the_gypsy

Speaking of enthusiasm and energy, this dog is simply bursting with them! Seeing her grandparents just a few feet away from their home, she couldn’t stop wiggling her body and tail. It’s called “The Grandparents are Coming Over” wiggles!

Any grand-paw-rent will surely love this kind of welcome from a pet. This rescue dog named Gypsy surely tells them just how happy she is to see them again!

With more than 4 million views on Tiktok, your heart will get captured by this sweet and lovable canine too!


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