Dog Goes Whale Watching And Is Mesmerized By Friendly Whale

Whale watching is something many people enjoy, but as it turns out, dogs can enjoy it too!

Recently, a one-year-old Australian Shepherd named Skipper went whale watching and he seemed to like it as much as everyone else! He was even greeted by a friendly humpback whale.

Photo: YouTube/Monterey Bay Whale Watch

The dog went whale watching with his family through the Monterey Bay Whale Watch, a group of marine biologists that lead year-round boat tours to observe whales, dolphins & other marine wildlife off the coast of Monterey, California.

The group shared on YouTube, “Dogs are always welcome aboard our vessels to join their families whale watching. Sometimes we get lucky and get a super friendly whale that want to people watch.”

Photo: YouTube/Monterey Bay Whale Watch

The trip that Skipper went on happened to be one of those times when a whale took a special interest in the boat. It’s like they knew that the dog was on board!

Skipper curiously watched the whale as the whale watched the boat. According to the Monterey Bay Whale Watch, Skipper “seemed to love the whales too and he was just as excited” as the rest of the group!

Photo: YouTube/Monterey Bay Whale Watch

What a special moment!

You can see Skipper and the whale in the video below:

Monterey Bay Whale Watch did note that what was witnessed in the video is “extremely rare” and “not something we see everyday.” They explained, “Our Vessel was in neutral the whole time and friendly whales approached us on their own.”

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