A Dog’s Welcome Greeting Makes the Internet Smile and Wish for Their Own Kevin

Dogs show affection for their humans in various ways. As bonds grow, pet parents experience sweet gestures every day, both hilarious and heartwarming. The fur of joy will cling to their favorite humans — not wanting to be separated from them for a long time. However, it’s inevitable to leave your dogs at home. Every family member has a responsibility outside the house such as school, work, and other errands. A dog would often show the saddest face before you leave, but rest assured that they’ll be waiting for you. Upon your entering your house, your dog will already be at the other side of the door. They are preparing to greet you with kisses, cuddles, and zoomies and announce your arrival with a howl.

Photo: Instagram/agoldennamedkevin

For the humans who live with Kevin the Golden Retriever, they are welcomed with additional softness. A video was uploaded to the Goldie’s Instagram page garnering a lot of engagement. Kevin has his version of a welcome greeting, which involves an octopus plushie. He wagged nonstop with a toy in his mouth — as if he was offering the octopus to his returned human. Kevin must have acted extra sweet towards his person to express how much he missed them. Most dogs would pounce or tackle you at first sight, but Kevin’s excitement was apparent in the way he walked back and forth while wagging his tail.

The short clip was enough to win countless hearts online. Kevin’s adorable welcome greeting earned 564k views, 63.6k likes, and hundreds of comments. People couldn’t help but flood the comment section with praises and love for the charming Goldie. “Well that good boy deserves a lot of petting,” dad1956b wrote. If you have a dog like Kevin, you’ll surely be excited to return home every day. An excited welcome surely makes a human feel special, especially one that comes along with a gift.

Dogs deserve all the love in the world because they sure do know how to express extra affectionate gestures. Kevin’s pet parents are blessed to have him. You can see more of his sweetness and fun side by following his Instagram page. Let Kevin be the one to welcome you every time you scroll through your timeline.

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