This Dog Shows He’s a Well-Mannered Boy by Wiping His Mouth with a Towel After Drinking Water

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures that can learn nearly anything. Training isn’t always about tricks. Dog parents can also teach dogs some good manners and proper conduct. Even proper hygiene and good manners are included, and one dog from Twitter can attest to that.

Photo: Twitter/Buitengebieden

Although dogs are adorable, there are times when frustrations also happen. It’s inevitable to have a messy place when you have a pup at home. Sometimes food will be scattered on the floor, or water drops from their chin to the floor. You must prepare your cleaning tools or a simple tissue or rug to clean up the mess. In the first few weeks of adopting a dog, you always have to look out for them — in case they accidentally hurt themselves or make a mess.

Photo: Twitter/Buitengebieden

Amazingly, a video from Twitter has shown a different parenting style for your pup. The clip was shared by a video curating account named, Buitengebieden. The caption says, “Dog has learned to dry his mouth after drinking,” with a smiley face. As you can hear in the background, the dog’s human mom guided it on what to do after drinking water. Surprisingly, her pup was trained to clean himself with a dry towel.

The pit bull was also provided with a drinking station — one holder for the water bowl and the other for the dry towel. It looks like he has been doing the routine for a long time. He also ensured that his chin was properly dried — the dog knows his hygiene and proper manners. It is an efficient way to avoid wet floors after the pit bull quenches his thirst.

The dog’s skill was rare and has caught the interest of 11.9 million viewers. Buitengebieden’s tweet also received 35.8k retweets, 4,082 quote retweets, and 427.6k likes. Twitter users filled the reply section with praises for the black pit bull. Some dog parents even expressed their awe and desire to teach their dogs the same skill.

Dog parenting certainly has evolved through the years. It’s a great thing dogs are intelligent creatures, and they can keep up. Human parents will likely get inspired after watching the video. The internet might be introduced to more well-mannered canines in the future.

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