Installing a Dog-Washing Station and Other Options for Giving Fido a Bath

If you’re the owner of a toy breed, you can just put them in the sink with a mesh net over the drain and use your spray wand to quickly and efficiently bathe them. But medium to large-breed dogs present a whole other problem for most pet parents. You are either used to sudsing them down in the backyard during summer months or getting down on your knees to soap them up next to your bathtub in the winter.

The latter of the two options stinks because your knees are killing you unless you perch on the edge of the tub with your feet in it, which leaves you with an aching back. Some people instead prefer to give their dogs baths when they take a shower.

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Converting Walk-in Showers

Many homes no longer include bathtubs. It could be because of issues with space or the fact that many people prefer showers over baths these days and have had their tubs ripped out. If you have a walk-in shower with a stationary shower head, consider replacing the head with a wand and putting down a rubber mat for washing your dog.

Dog-Washing Station

Another option is a dedicated dog-washing station similar to that of professional groomers. They’re roomy, elevated, and your knees and back will thank you for it. Depending on your climate and the frequency with which your dog needs bathing, you can install them indoors or out. The nice part is that with a quick internet search there are plenty of them to meet almost anyone’s DIY levels if you’d rather create your own. The project could easily pay for itself over time.

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Installing a Dog-Washing Station

If you decide to install one, you’ll need to pick a spot for it. Most people put them in their laundry room. Many pet owners with small dogs already take advantage of laundry sinks due to their size, depth, and the fact that they don’t have to bend or stoop while using them. They are also installed in what is often referred to as mudrooms off the side or back of a house. Wherever you choose, it should be relatively draft-free.

Mop Sinks

While raised laundry sinks or tubs are ideal for smaller pets, a shallow, floor-mounted mop sink 20x20x15 works well for medium and larger dogs. If you build the unit into a corner, you’ll only need to erect a half wall to enclose it. Centering it will, of course, require building a wall on either side. Whichever you decide, you’ll want to cover the walls in tile or an inexpensive waterproof product like Marlite. If you prefer it to be raised, include a ramp or steps for your pet to climb to save your back.

When you design the space, remember to attach your shower wand low enough for the hose to easily reach your pet’s underside. It’s also a good idea to build some shelving around it for things like towels and pet care products you’ll be using.

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Easing Bath Time Anxiety in Pets

To ease anxiety, don’t forget to place a rubber bathmat in your new dog washing station to avoid slips. Keeping their nails trimmed also helps. Installing a hair trap or using a fine mesh screen for drains can negate hefty plumbing bills down the road. Also, place a rubber-backed rug outside of the unit so that when Fido steps or jumps out they’re not skidding wildly across the floor.

Petco Self-Serve Dog Wash

If all of this sounds like too much effort or you simply don’t have the space or own your place, there’s always Petco. For $20, all you do is bring your dog and wash them. They provide the shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, towels, blow-dryers, and aprons. Clean, modern, and convenient, you can’t beat their self-serve dog washes.

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