Family Returns Rescue Dog Because She Wants To Sleep In Bed With Mom And Dad

If you have a dog in your life, you already realize that one of their great joys is sleeping with their human mother and father. Admittedly, not every parent wants to have a dog sleep in their bed, and it’s a personal choice, but one family took things too far.

It happened with a little dog named Twinkle. She was a stray rescued off the streets in Miami and taken in by the True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission. Twinkle was able to find her new family, and everyone thought it was a perfect match, but things didn’t work as expected.

Photo: TikTok/@trueandfaithful

According to a TikTok video shard by the rescue, Twinkle was only with her new family for four months before being returned to the rescue. The reason? Because “she wanted to sleep in bed with her new mommy and daddy.”

Twinkle was rescued by the True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission last June. She needed a lot of help because she was skin and bones and had rotted teeth. It took a few months, but Twinkle recovered, and they found her a lovely family.

Photo: TikTok/@trueandfaithful

The family seemed perfect. They even had other dogs they cared for. However, Twinkle was back at the Mission four months after being adopted. An email accompanied her, saying that Twinkle wasn’t what they expected.

According to The Dodo, the family shared that they didn’t let the other senior dogs sleep in bed with them. Twinkle had difficulty adapting and would whine all night because she wanted up in bed.

In speaking with the Dodo, the social media coordinator for the mission, Madison Mulvihill, said Twinkle couldn’t figure out what was happening. “I remember walking [into] the main dog room to see she was sitting in the corner on a dog bed, closed off and shaking with fear. She looked at you with such confusion on her face and pain in her heart.”

Photo: TikTok/@trueandfaithful

The people that worked at the rescue were devastated. They went on TikTok to find Twinkle a new home that would allow her to sleep in bed at night.

According to Mulvihill, Twinkle is a snuggle bug. She also gets along with other dogs and is leash trained. She will put her paw in your hand when she wants attention.

@trueandfaithful Poor Twinkle💔Twinkle is in Venice Fl, is potty trained, fully vetted. MUST be allowed to sleep in bed!! She is a sweet as a button but sometimes will squeak when you pick her up. Email/dm us for the adoption application ❤️‍🩹 #chihuahua #mix #adoptme #rescuedog ♬ Young – Vacations

After posting the request on social media, Twinkle found her forever home. Many offered to adopt her, but one family with a king-size bed and six dogs was more than happy to welcome her into their home.

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