Adorable Toddler Out for a Walk with Her Dog Has Her Parents in Stitches with “Hilarious Fail”

This active little toddler is not content to just go out for a walk with her dog – it’s got to be a run. But running has its downsides – namely, a greater likelihood of losing one’s balance and simultaneously losing control of one’s dog. Which is exactly what happened to this tiny girl.

Photo: Facebook/NTD Television

We’re happy that the girl’s parents had their video camera on when the oh-so-cute incident took place. The small child was running clumsily down the sidewalk with her dog’s leash in her hand when she suddenly stumbled and fell to the ground, letting go of the dog’s leash.

Photo: Facebook/NTD Television

Luckily for the girl and her parents, their very patient dog hung around as if someone still had ahold of it…but always stayed just out of reach of the little girl, who chased after it as quickly as she could.

Photo: Facebook/NTD Television

Her hair was dangling in her eyes, and her boots were obviously slowing her down, so it took her a bit to catch up. When she did, she pounced on it…but the dog pulled it away just in the nick of time. Watching her crawl on the ground trying to catch up with her pet will absolutely make your day – she’s such a character!

Photo: Facebook/NTD Television

The little girl didn’t give up and did finally get her dog’s leash back. And then they were off again, running like nothing had ever happened! Lesson not learned, but perhaps she’s gained a bit of extra coordination from the experience.

Watch the video below to see the cutest fall ever, followed by an adorable game of chase. Her parents were in stitches, and we think you might be too.

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