Faithful Dog Waits 6 Days Outside The Hospital For Her Sick Dad

I think that most of us would agree there is no creature quite so faithful as a beloved dog.

When they are part of our family, they are more than just a pet or an animal that lives in the same home, they have all of the benefits and privileges of a full-fledged family member.

It isn’t for nothing that we love our dogs so much. They are there for us through thick and thin and regardless of what happens, they will stick by our side.

Photo: YouTube/Guardian News

That fact became very evident, thanks to a dog from Trabzon, Turkey.

According to a report from Guardian News, Boncuk has lived with Cemal Senturk, her human for the past nine years, in an apartment in Turkey. She is a mixed breed, and she is as faithful as the day is long.

Photo: YouTube/Guardian News

Perhaps that is why people were not really surprised that Boncuk followed her owner to the medical center and refused to go home while she waited there for him to return.

Surprisingly, nobody figured out how Boncuk got out of the apartment every day. When she showed up at the hospital and wouldn’t leave, however, the staff of the hospital really fell in love with her. They gave her everything she would need while she waited, including food and water.

Photo: YouTube/Guardian News

It took six days for Cemal to be released from the hospital. The dog was so happy to see her human and it is obvious when you get to see the video for yourself. It’s also obvious that they love each other, so it isn’t a type of affection that only goes one way.

Watch it for yourself in this video:

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