Golden Retriever Uses Christmas Tree As A Giant Chew Toy

With Christmas fast approaching, many people are gearing up for the holiday by getting a Christmas tree. It’s a fun tradition that many families partake in and having a tree in the house really brings joy to some people.

Personally, getting a Christmas tree is one of my favorite parts of the whole year. There’s just something about the smell of pine needles and stringing lights that makes my heart so happy. My dog, on the other hand, would prefer I keep the tree outside.

Photo: YouTube/morganb2003

For pet owners, bringing a tree into the house can be a little bit stressful and chaotic. After all, it’s this big foreign object that’s taking up a lot of space. It’s natural for pets, especially dogs, to be a little hesitant.

One golden retriever named Morgan is taking her disdain for Christmas trees to the next level, though.

Photo: YouTube/morganb2003

Morgan’s family shared a video of her Christmas antics on YouTube, saying, “Our Golden, Morgan, uses our Christmas tree as a chew toy.”

In the clip, you can see Morgan going at it with the family Christmas tree! In classic Grinch fashion, Morgan does her best to destroy the Christmas tree and seems to have fun in the process.

Photo: YouTube/morganb2003

Of course, the tree is too big for her to do much damage to, but she does get a few good bites in.

You can see Morgan attempting to use the Christmas tree as a giant chew toy in the video below:

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