Good Samaritan Saves Dog Trapped In Illegal Boar Snare

Being a stray dog on the streets comes with so many hazards, as one dog, Hope, found out after she was badly injured in an illegal trap. Luckily for this Greek pooch, there are still good people left in the world who are willing to help.

For Hope, rescue came in the form of DAR Animal Rescue, who immediately set out to provide assistance after receiving the call about Hope’s situation.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

The co-founder of the rescue, Ermioni, shared on YouTube that they were alerted to the dog’s situation after being called by a Good Samaritan who’d noticed the pup struggling inside a trap.

The person who found her cut her loose and was able to then call for help. As Ermioni explained, she had become caught in a wire snare trap which “humans place around the villages for wild pigs.”

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Unfortunately, it is not know who was responsible for the illegal snare trap. DAR Animal Rescue wrote an explanation on their YouTube channel, “No witness, no information about that crime ever came even though we published it and asked people, and even though we go to the police every time.”

At first, Hope had a very nasty gash in her neck. But luckily for her, with lots of care and several surgeries, Hope’s wound eventually healed and closed over. And it gets even better.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

The man who was the Good Samaritan who helped rescue Hope ended up becoming her foster dad after DAR Animal Rescue didn’t have the room in their facilities to care for her.

Hopefully Hope finds her forever home soon because she deserves it!

Check out the video down below:

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