Brilliant Dog Unexpectedly Develops a Sword-Fighting Hobby

Pet parents always engage their fur babies in activities to find similar interests. Most dogs join their humans during hiking, swimming, running, or camping. Doing things together builds a stronger bond between the pet and the owner. You’ll find great company with a dog — they’ll make your hobby more interesting and exciting. You’ll also be washed with an overwhelming feeling whenever you’re amazed at your dog’s skills. They are undoubtedly intelligent creatures that you can train — sit, roll, and stay aren’t the only tricks they can learn. It’s a proud moment for a pet parent to witness progress in their dog’s talents.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Sometimes when the dog is too smart, you’ll see that they’ve garnered a skill through observation. Your fur baby will definitely surprise you, which happened to Anna and Luke with their Pinto Bean. Surprisingly, their little family loves to do role plays that involve sword fighting. And yes, Pinto Bean knows how to use a sword, and she’s undefeated. Most dogs are into other sports, but watching her pet parents have fun with replica swords made Pinto Bean an enthusiast like them. Anna and Luke often had their dog as an audience, which became learning material for the brilliant canine. They clarified that no training was involved and everything was completely unexpected.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Pinto Bean’s skill was revealed during some fun outdoor play. “She dropped her stick, picked up the fake sword that I was holding, and ran away with it!” Anna explained. “At that moment, our lives changed forever.” Since then, they have involved smart Pinto Bean in every role-play, and she even has her own toy sword. Instead of squeaky balls, plushies, and other dog toys, she prefers a weapon. All their days become more interesting whenever Pinto Bean starts to pick up her sword — prepared to defeat her parents with amazing swordplay and laughter. Pinto Bean would sit with a sword in her mouth, waiting for her parents to react, and she’d attack even when they didn’t have weapons.

“She comes down with a strong paw on anyone who would defy her. Very much so, including the vacuum,” Luke funnily shared. Pinto Bean must have felt powerful, and anything she deems dangerous must go through her sword. To make their role plays more exciting, Anna and Luke would dress up as medieval characters. They’d playfully challenge Pinto Bean outdoors, which is a unique form of bond between pet parents and dogs. Despite owning the character of the terrifying sword master, Anna shared that it’s the complete opposite of Pinto Bean’s real personality. They all know that she’s a huge couch potato.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Her energy boosts during sword fights. It reached the point that she was so hyped up that her old sword got destroyed in the action. Before giving her a brand new one, they conducted a farewell ceremony for the old one. Anna said, “We gave her old sword a nice farewell ceremony as a thank you, in remembrance of all the great service it had done.” The ruin of a weapon did not stop their family from having conquests and combats. Pinto Bean loved her new sword just as much as she enjoyed the last one. She continued as the mighty conqueror — the unbeatable Lady Pinto Bean. Follow their mini adventures on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. If you’re into medieval fun and also a dog person, their posts will be your instant favorites!

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