Oh No! My Dog Just Swallowed My Earring, What Should I Do?

Dogs just love tasting almost anything, including inedible stuff!

They have this curiosity, like children, who put everything in their mouths to discover its nature. And the bad news is that they also tend to swallow these things. Indeed, any dog owner will tell you that you take care of your dog just like you would watch over a child. Watch out for what your fur baby is putting into its mouth!

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What if your dog swallowed an earring? It is dangerous? Should you take your pet quickly to the vet? Or wait first if your dog could safely eliminate the earring from its digestive system?

Dr. Ivana Crnec, a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine from Bitola in Macedonia, discussed this topic on PetHelpful.

According to Dr. Crnec, a dog swallowing an earring could be a life-threatening situation depending on the size of the dog and the kind of earring it ingested. If the dog is large and the earring is small and round without any pointed edges and made of non-toxic materials, it’s possible that the foreign object could safely pass the animal’s digestive tract.

Photo: YouTube/Dog Advice Videos

There are ways that you can even help your dog get rid of the ingested earring:

  • Provide support for hydration. You can prevent constipation and make your dog’s bowel movement regular and its feces softer by making it drink a lot of water.
  • Give your dog soft foods. Canned formulas, which usually contain 75% water, and other soft foods may also aid in eliminating the earring from your dog’s digestive system. Avoid giving your dog kibble since it will soak in the liquid from the intestines and get the earring dangerously stuck.
  • You can also offer your dog high-fiber supplements to ease bowel movements, such as pumpkin or any of the many prebiotics or supplements formulated exclusively for dogs.
  • Photo: YouTube/Dog Advice Videos
  • Give your dog a Vaseline sandwich, which you can prepare by spreading petroleum jelly on a slice of bread. The Vaseline will help in lubricating your pet’s stomach. The earring can get embedded in the bread and prevent its rough edges from causing harm to the gastrointestinal tract.
  • You can also try slippery elm (Ulmus fulva) which contains tannins that will aid in the lubrication of your dog’s digestive tract. You can prepare as a regular tea, but it’s more effective when brewed.

However, it’s always best to take your dog to the vet when you observe the following signs and symptoms:

Photo: YouTube/Dog Advice Videos
  • Excessive drooling or hypersalivation
  • Gagging or choking
  • Lip licking frequently
  • Pawing at its mouth
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty in bowel movement
  • Painful and distended belly
  • Restlessness or lethargy

Intestinal blockage, zinc poisoning, and perforated bowel are life-threatening conditions, so your dog must be diagnosed and treated at the soonest possible time to prevent these ailments and treat them if necessary.

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