Firefighters Rescue Dog Swallowed By Sinkhole In Florida

You never quite know what you are going to run into when you are a firefighter. You may go to work one day and it seems perfectly normal but suddenly, you get a call and there is something completely unexpected on the other end.

That is what recently happened in Seminole County, Florida. A dog owner made a frantic call to firefighters in a panic, saying that her dog had fallen into a sinkhole and was stuck.

Seminole County Firefighters from Station 42/A Shift Rescue Dog from Possible Sinkhole!Outstanding job to the…

Posted by Seminole County Fire Department on Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The firefighters from station 42 responded immediately, and they shared about the situation on Facebook. When they arrived on the scene, only 25% of the dog was still exposed. The rest of him had already been buried and covered with dirt.

As you can imagine, this faithful dog was not ready to give up anytime soon. He had fought and fought against the sinkhole but unfortunately, it was a losing battle. By the time the firefighters arrived, he was already in extreme distress and lethargic.

Photo: Facebook/Seminole County Fire Department

It didn’t take long before they grabbed some shovels and started digging the dog out. They also tried to keep the dog’s owner calm as they let her know, step-by-step, what they were doing.

When they freed the dog, they knew that their job was not over. They immediately gave him some oxygen and then put him on a gurney so they could take him to the nearest animal hospital.

Photo: Facebook/Seminole County Fire Department

Later, they met the owner at the animal hospital and helped her get her best friend inside so treatment could begin. They contacted later to learn how things went and you’ll be happy to know, the dog is doing well and was already wagging his tail.

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