Man Saves Dog Stuck in Pipe

One of the best articles that have been written about the relationship between people and dogs is, “Why Dogs and Humans Love Each Other More Than Anyone Else.”

It was written by Jeffrey Kluger, Editor at Large for TIME Magazine and the author of ten books, including two novels for young adults, Apollo 13 and Apollo 8. He is an Emmy nominee for the web series A Year in Space, along with other brilliant and highly-creative minds at TIME. He has also accomplished more than 40 cover stories for the prestigious magazine.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Actually, the piece was excerpted from TIME’s “How Dogs Think: Inside the Canine Mind”, a single-issue magazine that was published in 2018.

One of the fascinating facts cited by Kluger is how humans and domestic dogs share three genes responsible for hyper-sociability in dogs and similar quality in people, all located in the same areas in the canine and human genomes.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

This may be the reason why we get along better with dogs than their cousins, such as the wolves, with whom dogs share 99.9% of their mitochondrial DNA. Dogs are our best friends, but we can’t help regarding wolves as forever creatures of the wild.

Our ancestors had come to care so much about dogs that their pets were interred with them. In 1914, a grave was uncovered at Oberkassel, today a suburb of Bonn, Germany, where the remains of a dog, a man, and a woman lay together. Experts determined that the remains belong to the Paleolithic era, and more evidence of dog-human bonding are being discovered.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Best friends. Is it really a matter of those three amazing genes we share with them, or something else?

Kluger most aptly and sweetly described it with the following words: “What began as a mutual-services contract between two very different species became something much more like love. None of that makes a lick of sense, but it doesn’t have to. Love rarely touches the reasoning parts of the brain. It touches the dreamy parts, the devoted parts — it touches the parts we sometimes call the heart. For many thousands of years, it’s there that our dogs have lived.”

This viral post of a man’s endeavor to save his dog who got dangerously stuck in a pipe is one of those beautiful expressions of love between humans and their furry best friends.

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