Family Dog ‘Scared of Everything’ Goes after Porch Pirate

When you have a dog in your family, it doesn’t take long to realize just how much they mean to you. They are your friend, your confidant, and sometimes your protector.

Photos: YouTube / Fox 13 News Utah

On occasion, however, we may have a dog that seems to be afraid of everything. We love them, all the same, but we don’t expect them to charge in where angels fear to tread on our behalf.

Zero Is A Scaredy-Cat

Then we have this black lab named Zero. He’s described by his human mother, Whitney, as a ‘loving good boy that’s just a bit of a scaredy-cat.’

She then goes on to describe some of the different things that seem to scare Zero. They include dusters, plastic bags, and even their pet cats!

Zero may have a reputation for being a scaredy-cat, but he made up for it when porch pirates targeted his house.

Photos: YouTube / Fox 13 News Utah

Whitney saw what was happening, so she yelled: “Get him, Zero!”

Zero to the Rescue

Zero took her up on the offer. He chased after the thief, running him down until the thief threw the package and jumped in the car.

He may be named Zero, but on that day, he became a hero!

Whitney said they’ve had problems with porch pirates in the neighborhood, but she was surprised they would have targeted that particular street.

She is also happy for what her dog did, but she still feels it would’ve been funny if the porch pirate had gotten away with it. After all, the box only contained a $4 dimmer switch.

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