Belgian Malinois Performs Squats in the Gym Alongside His Owner

If you’ve spent much time on social media, you probably realize that gym content is quite popular. There are often videos circulating of people doing impressive workouts, but sometimes, things go viral for being different or funny.

One gym video recently went viral for featuring something that was both impressive and strange – it was of a dog doing squats!

Photo: @dr.evanstrahl

Dr. Evan Strahl shared the video on TikTok, saying: “My squat buddy is cuter than yours.”

His squat buddy happened to be an adorable Belgian Malinois named Dooma.

Photo: @dr.evanstrahl

In the video, you can see Dr. Strahl doing squats with a barbell when Doomar decides to join in!

The dog positions himself next to his owner and starts doing air squats alongside him!

Photo: @dr.evanstrahl

People were naturally amazed, with one person writing: “Dog does squats better than me.” Another agreed, adding, “His form is better than most people I see in the gym.”

You can see the impressive pooch for yourself in the TikTok video below:

@dr.evanstrahl #belgianmalinois #belgianmalinoisoftiktok #fyp #foryoupage @peggepolicedogs ♬ All The Way Up (feat. Infared) – Fat Joe & Remy Ma & French Montana

Have you ever seen a dog squat before? Let us know!

Doomar is quite an impressive pooch, that’s for sure.

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