Dog Sprints Down The Hallway To Greet Her BFF Every Day For A Playdate

When Shadow the rescue dog moved into an apartment with his owner, the two were surprised when another dog came charging down the hall after them.

Shadow’s owner was surprised at first, but when she realized that the large dog was friendly, she let Shadow into the hallway to play.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

As the owners shared with The Dodo, the two instantly became BFFs!

The other dog, Lupa, lived down the hall, and when the two want to play, their owners let them out to run to their friend’s apartment.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

It seemed like things couldn’t get much better, but then a third dog moved onto the floor: Charlie.

Charlie was smaller than the rest of the pups, but he fit right into the pack. Shadow and Lupa were gentle with him and he learned the routine of running down the hall with the other pups.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

The dogs’ owners have an ongoing group text so they know when each other’s dogs are coming to visit.

They all have an open-door policy and it works to create a really dog-friendly, happy apartment floor.

Check out the video below:

You can keep up with Shadow on TikTok, @shadow2therescue.

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