Fluffy Dog Can’t Stop Smiling When Owner Gives Him A Thumbs Up

A sweet Bichon Frise can’t stop smiling when his owner gives him a thumbs up, and it’s too adorable!

Buddy is a six-year-old Bichon Frise that lives with his owner, Kelly Ellise Lockett, and her family in Liverpool, England.

Photo: YouTube/Caters Clips

The fluffy pup may be small, but he’s got a grand personality and is always smiling. He’s such a happy dog and always finds something to smile about, as captured in the video below.

When Buddy’s owner threw him a thumbs-up, Buddy offered up a huge grin in return. It wasn’t just a one-off thing, either. Every time the man gave Buddy a thumbs-up and a smile, Buddy returned the sentiment with a big, toothy grin!

Photo: YouTube/Caters Clips

Kelly and the family couldn’t hold their laughter back at the sweet pup and his antics!

According to Caters Clips, Kelly said:

“Buddy responds to certain key words with a smile but Buddy smiles all the time. We all laugh at him every time and he knows it gets a positive response so he does it more.”

Photo: YouTube/Caters Clips

Dogs are so smart.

Check out the video below to see Buddy’s contagious smile in action:

Have you ever seen a dog smile in response to something like Buddy? Let us know!

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